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I've had an amazing life changing experience at The Hypnosis experience. Thanks to Mark and Niki!

Since 2012, I have suffered with chronic back pain. The pain prevented me from getting restorative sleep and made daily activities challenging. Friends don't understand your pain and fatigue since you look healthy, which added to my stress.

Mark's Hypnosis Experience class clarifies this healing modality in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. Finally, here was a way for me to change my thought patterns and perception related to pain and stress. It was safe, effective and inexpensive. Mark taught us to manage the fear and anxieties linked to pain and relax the nervous system. These powerful suggestions quickly helped me become less reactive to my back pain. I'm committed to the daily practice of the pain management, relaxation and confidence techniques, because they work.

I now benefit from deeper sleep with minimal discomfort. One of the most important concepts we learned was a confidence anchor. It can quickly shift a negative emotional state to calm, confident order, instantly. I felt like Merlin the magician the first time I used it. Have a dream or a goal but you're just drifting? Feel empowered by reaching out to Mark. He will help you by modifying a behaviour, managing stress, developing your focus or improving your sports performance. I'm so grateful to Mark and Niki for arranging the Hypnosis Healing class. It's definitely helped me become a better version of myself. I'm finding the joy in life again.

Kathleen Reynolds 2018