Only 5% of people who smoke can quit smoking Cold Turkey

20% are able to quit with Nicotine Replacement therapy by using Gum or the Patch

40% quit smoking using Chantix but have to suffer through the side effects of that medication

80% of people quit with Hypnosis when they follow the hypnosis and hypnotherapy program to completion and do the homework.

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Testimonials for quit smoking

I can't believe that after one session, I am no longer a Smoker.

When I left my first session I really thought that Hypnosis was Bull!@#$.

All I have been doing is listening to the mp3 from my session every day to help make this change permanent.


I was a heavy smoker for over 60 years. I have tried every type of QuitSmoking you can imagine. The patch, gum, vaping but nothing seemed to work. I met Mark who gave me the opportunity to try his smoking cessation program. It started working for me immediately. However I fell off the wagon when some of my friends were around me smoking. After trying to smoke a cigarette I only managed to smoke half of it because it made me feel dizzy and sick. When I came back to see Mark for my second session he helped me work out being in SOCIAL SETTINGS and not wanting to smoke. I found out since from my Doctor that I have developed C.O.P.D. and thanks to Mark I no longer smoke. When I came back for my third session he made sure that I had the support I needed to remain smoke free for life.