Just like many other people, I have done my best to continually educate myself towards becoming the best person that I can possibly be. I have had many jobs and even changed careers more than just a few times. Things have not always gone my way, but that is what makes life interesting.

I grew up in the country on a small farm, and eventually went off to college, not once, but twice.

The first time was to become a Tool and Die Maker. During that time while going to school I was also doing Magic shows to help pay for school. Eventually I built a great career and even got promoted to the proto-type mould builder for a leading innovator to the plastic bottle industry. This happened for me while I was still in my early to late twenties. Through hard work and dedication and more than just a few years down the road, once again, I was promoted this time to a Supervisor, and a few years later the Manager.

Then after having a workplace accident it was time for another change, I went back to school for a Computer Science Degree specializing in Video Game Development. Through hard work and a lot more focus because of being older and wiser, I managed to graduate with honours and even got hired on as a Teaching Assistant at that college.

Hello, my name is Mark Smith and I am a Board Certified Professional Hypnotist and Instructor with the I.C.B.C.H. That is the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have chosen to build a Hypnosis Practice for myself that allows me to continue my role as an Educator, Teacher and now Life Coach.

I was given the gift of hypnosis through my two daughters. They are involved in Girl Guides and during their annual cookie selling, they ran into an old friend of mine, Calvin. He is a magician and was asking about me because we had not seen each other in years. So he told the girls and my wife, about a local magic club and they decided to buy me a club membership for my Christmas present and took me to the club's Christmas dinner. There I was walking into a room with all these people that I knew with silly grins on their faces. In that moment, once again I was bitten by the magic bug. I decided that it would be nice to start doing magic again because it had always brought joy and happiness to both myself as well as the people I shared it with.

So I thought why not go and get certified as a Stage Hypnotist and add that to the Magic Business. My Instructor talked me into doing the Hypnotherapy program at the same time - as a fall back - so that I could always have some money coming in if I was not getting any shows. I wasn't looking forward to the added cost and had no idea how I was going to pay for it but decided to do it anyway. To my surprise, this training had an answer to every single problem that I have ever faced in my life. It taught me why in some areas of my life I was excelling and in others failing miserably. I decided to use the hypnotic techniques to work on and improve myself before starting my Business. That is how I came up with my Business name, The Hypnosis Experience. Because once you have your very own personal hypnotic experience, that is the moment you realize you have the ability to open up the true power of your mind. Change is possible and there is no limiting belief or behavioural management issue you can not overcome. I would love to share these techniques with you through one of my programs so you to can take back control and start your journey towards your goals and dreams.